Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ruffec to Anglet

Biarritz seafront

We woke up to another dreary rainy morning and after breakfast set off along fast motorway type roads which is the trend for most of the day, most of the time lorrys are not allowed to overtake and have to stay in lane so you dont have the problem of them blocking the whole carraigeway, but instead you get continual streams of lorries nose to tail. The N10 is also busy route for heavy transport to and from Portugal, most of the aires in this part of the journey are terrible, dirty, smelly and untidy.maybe they are not being maintained because of the bad financial situation in France that the French will not admit to.
We arrived in Anglet around 15.00 and went down to the sea front at Biarritz 6 kms away, the sea was full of logs, trees and other rubbish as there has been torrential rain and flooding in this area in the past couple of days. there is enough driftwood to keep the log fires burning for years.Even though there was still a couple of dozen surfers trying to ride the big swells, There are some great walkways and cafes and restaurants along the seafront and in better weather it will be really nice here.
Tomorrow across the border and back into Spain and hopefully some sunshine.

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