Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Rain in Spain

It is all or nothing, right now its all. What to do on a raining winters day, the roads are awash, the roof of our house is not behaving itself so we are on leak watch. Well then, its light the fire, get the log burner warmed up and cook something warming for a family dinner tonight. The beef cassorole is in, found some wonderful shin of beef in the butchery department of Mercadonna today, with fresh herbs from the garden, loads of vino tinto (red wine) and local vegetables, its smelling wonderful. I always used shin of beef for stews when we were first married, it a cheap cut still, and slow cooking, the wood burner oven is perfect, produce a melt in the mouth result.
We have now tried out the oven at the top of the woodburner for a number of different dishes, roast chicken comes out moist and delicious, pizza is ready in a very short time and rice pudding turns out like the good old fashion ones of childhood. Now eager to try out baking and breadmaking in it. What a good idea to put an oven on top a wood burner, really get full fuel value out of it. We only got our winter supply of logs delivered this week, just in time it would seem, this weather is forecast for the rest of the week. Somehow it doesnt seem like a hardship to us, rather nice in fact.

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