Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Anglet to Naverrete del Rio

Wet again this morning, but as we approach the mountains it looks brighter and by the time we are over the Spanish border the sun is shining, and its a lot warmer.  Its surprising how much quieter the roads are after the UK and France. we stop at Longares, a small village off the A23 and have a picnic lunch and a walk round the village then set off and arrive at Naverette del Rio at 15.30. the hotel - Rincon de Naverrete is amazing,  it is full of antique furniture and very comfortable. The owner, Bernard showed us the bar and told us to help ourselves to drinks and write down in the book what we had. After dinner at the restaurant we were having a drink in the bar and Bernard asked us if we would like to look at his house, we entered into a  large arched courtyard with old carriages and a fountain then we had a guided tour of the house which was set out like a museum, the house originated from the 16th century and the furniture, paintings and decor were amazing, in every room from the wine cellar to the bedrooms everything was antique and set out as if being lived in. Bernard told us he had been creating the place for twenty years. and he actually lived in modern rooms adjoining  but occasionally used the old part.

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