Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tiger Airways late

Saturday -All was going well yesterday untill we arrived at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport for our trip to W. Australia, looking at the departure screen several flights were delayed or cancelled, then our flight came up delayed for a massive 5 hours, apparently the plane had been affected by a bird strike in Queensland and a replacement had to be sent,we were provided with meal vouchers, and spent a sociable evening talking to Josh from Tasmania, and Lucas from Melbourne and anyone else who fancied swapping a story or two, before we knew it the flight was boarding and we were in the air, arrived at Perth after catnapping through the flight, picked up the hire car – free triple upgrade!!!! and set the sat nav for the accommodation. Hardly any traffic which was good, and before long into our chalet for the night - Melbourne time would have been about four o clock in the morning. Perth time 01:00 any way slept well, had a walk on the beach and then set off to explore Fremantle, before heading off towards Bunbury where we were staying the night.

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