Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The road back to Perth

Wednesday---Quite a long trip, The sat nav would not fire up ---OH NO! Pressed the reset button and it was okay again,--- Phew--- the temperature hovering round 42 degrees at midday although strorms forecast. We stopped at Koronup on the Albany Highway and looked around the aboriginal interpretive centre and a rose garden maze, this highway has loads of roadtrains using it. We arrived in Perth mid afternoon, this is a different kind of accommodation again, a few minutes walk from the City and overlooking the freeway, but have about 10 free wifi connections. We sat by the Swan River and had coffee then had a trip round the city on the free bus- there is lots of building and renovation work going on and its really weird to see original old buildings sitting amongst the ultra modern blocks.


Anonymous said...

really interesting, thanks john and mary, tell us more, you should write a book.
i follow your blog because i have a
place in formentera, but the oz trip is great!

M said...

I've wanted to go to Spain almost all my life. Heh.