Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Had an evening walk round Bunbury, we sat and had coffee and watched the world go by, and an almost continuos stream of utes parading around the precinct, revving engines, with loud music issuing from them, best was a Mack truck unit joining in the fun,
SUNDAY - Bunbury Motel was excellent, with a nice big swimming pool where we swam first thing in the morning.
I had heard about the dolphins at Bunbury so we headed down to the beach, early the following morning and sure enough they were there. There was quite a few people around so the volunteers who are at the beach, instructed us how to behave, we lined up with the water up to our bums and waited - a female dolphin came swimming in and inspected us from about 2 foot away and swam round us for about twenty minutes the volunteer guy giving us information. It was an amazing experience.
We then set of towards Augusta stopping at Busselton on the way. Busselton has very long pier which was damaged in a fire recently so is under repair.

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Beck Middleton said...

Did they tell you not to wear sunscreen when swimming with dolphins as it can cause them to get skin infections?