Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Augusta and to the Giant trees

tree climbing
Monday - A single road runs through Augusta to the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, this cape is where the Indian ocean and the Southern Ocean meet, the scenery is very dramatic, and the sea very wild with very strong currents, this does not stop the surfers who take advantage of the big waves, we stayed at the Youth hostel in Augusta, which lived up to its reputation of being the best in Australia,
The following morning we set off towards Denmark, stopping at The Gloucester tree which is one of several trees used as a fire lookout, stakes are hammered into the tree to form a ladder to the top, where a lookout shelter is built, the public are welcome to climb it - at there own risk, i got about 50 steps up and decided against going further.there was still along way to go! The big bloodsucking flies here were also a real nuisance, also we saw a 3 foot tiger snake winding its way across the road - highly poisonous!
We drove on to the Valley of the Giants where we enjoyed a guided walk and then an aerial walk 40 metres above the ground through the massive Jarrah trees. We were well and truly ready for our evening takeaway of Barramundi and chips, a beer and an early night.

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