Friday, May 22, 2009

Warming up for a swim

Weve not plucked up the courage for a swim in the sea yet, although with this bout of hot weather the sea must be warming up a bit, the swimming pool down the road is still in its winter state, brown and with plenty of floating debris, so hopefully work will soon start to get it up and running, for an early opening at the beginning of June, There is no sign yet of Pedro opening the bar in the square. Still it gives us even more to look forward to.
While we have been away the property department of CAM bank have been getting a lot of the repossession properties in the area on the market, looking at there website, apparently first they advertise at debt value plus a little extra,then reduce the price to the debt value, and finally if still not sold, interested purchasers can place a bid online. Definitely time to pick up a bargain. Also while we have been away i understand there has been a lot of new developments with the Council and the police, will update as soon as we get the latest on this.

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