Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nearly new tyres

I finally got round to replacing all the tyres on the car yesterday, they were pretty worn and when you get a shower of rain after the long dry spells the roads are very greasy, i had been given a phone number of a "nearly new" tyre business, so thought i would give them a ring, they are called Neuman and have workshops at Matola, nr Elche and Los Montesinos. They quoted €25 a tyre for 165/14's so went over to Matola,they have a large selection of major brand tyres all in excellent condition, so they fitted me four Michelins and balanced them for €130. They have a state of the art wheel balancing machine and were quick with the job. So if cash is abit tight and you need to get your vehicle reshod phone 695 128 910 for a great deal.

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