Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cheers Telefonica

Hows this for customer service?
My modem-router decided "enough was enough" after 4 years of faithfull service, so i thought i would give Telefonica a ring on 1004 even though the guarentee is well out of date.
They told me it was €65 for a new router, But...if i took out the maintenance plan at €5 a month, it would be free of charge, but to telephone Technical assistance the next day to make sure the Maintenance plan was in place. So i got Joaquin to phone Technical support for me,- there is no English speaker in the technical assistance department, and i wanted to make sure things were sorted out properly.
I was promised a technician within 24 hours, after 5 minutes i get a mobile text message with the job number, 3 hours later a phone call from the technician to say he would arrive in 20 minutes. Sure enough he arrived and plugged in a new modem router - all sorted.
10 minutes later got a text saying the job number _ _ _ had been completed, and a phone call asking was i happy with what had been done.
Theres a lot of complaining about Telefonica. but i cant fault them.

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