Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Zero Gravity

This morning our local radio presenter from TKO has been telling us how a prominent astrologer has informed, that at precisely 09:47 in Spain. Jupiter will go behind Pluto, and cause a once ever gravitational alignment on the earth, so if you jump up in the air at that precise time you will probably float.
A warning has been put out by the siesmology institute,that if a large amount of people DO jump up in the air at the same time -Like at 09:47 - when they land it is liable to cause movement of the Teutonic plates and cause spasmodic earthquakes in strategic places in the Northern hemisphere.


glynino said...

Hate to spoil the fun but it is April's Fool Day!

Petrus said...

This present government in the UK has us jumping up in the air all the time !!

Has this " jumping " been approved by Health & Safety and has permission been given by the local council ?