Friday, April 03, 2009

Don't Worry Be happy

After a number of days of rain the weather seems to be turning. A real feeling of spring, again. Well we did hear a cuckoo the other day, just waiting for the hoopoe to start its spring time antics now. Our spring flowers, in the tubs, have not done to well which is disappointing. We will leave them and see if they improve next year. Lots of visitors out though. The front row facing the fields is full and our Calle is filling up too. The local farmer was harvesting his broccoli today and kindly gave a few "locals" a bag full. Its so hard for these guys to make a crust and still they are generous. A lesson to be learn'nt there I think.
So what else has been going on. One family on holiday had a bit of a health scare, well its something that could happen to anyone. Made us think a timely reminder to everyone would not go a miss, even some Brits who live here do not seem to know that you should dial 112 to emergency help in english. That's 112.
The householders in the block in Los Palacios facing the metal fence are trying to discover what is causing the flooding under there homes. Also who is responsible. Lets all keep our fingers crossed for them and hope they find a easy solution.
The Brit market in Formentera is now open on a saturday and has an auction on friday from 12 noon.
House prices continue to fall here and repossessions continue, really is a time to buy and not sell. Those the bank have taken do not seem to be attracting much interest,maybe the bank is better off sitting on them. The EU is getting tough with Spain over building practices here, and we have also seen hoards of Brits arrested for providing false documents. The arm of the law may extend slowly here but it extends a long way. More pirate TV people arrested to.
Still we don't want to think about all that the days are stretching out the birds are sing in the trees. don't worry be happy.Eat chocolate its nearly Easter.

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