Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Empadronamiento Renewal

I have just found out that it is necessary to renew your Empadronamiento at least once a year, The Empadronamiento is the official record of all the people who live in a particular community, by law everyone who resides in Spain should be registered in the community where they live.
Based on the number of inhabitants, a city or town receives money from the government to provide services to those who live within its juridiction, which means that if you’re registered or empadronado, then the city receives money to provide services on your behalf, for example police, fiestas, road cleaning, caring for parks and gardens. It’s therefore in the city’s best interest and its inhabitants to have an accurate count of who is really living or owning property in the community and using (or potentially using) the public services.
So for example if the government think that the population of a town is less than it really is they will only allocate funds for a smaller police force.

You also need proof of empadronamiento to register a vehicle in your name, use certain public services and enrol children in school.

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Anonymous said...

I heard thats not true it jst needs to be newish is youre buying s car or something.bec