Saturday, July 26, 2008

A bit of a whinge

Had a hectic day so bit of a whinge here, we love Spain and don’t complain too often. So here go let’s get it all off our chests at one go.
As we say bit of a hectic day yesterday, Market day of course also Dia opened up again, hurrah isn’t it looking good. We also had promised to help out a friend cleaning a house they are moving into, the lights fused half way through morning, darn it. With some on line assignments to complete too we were pretty bushed by evening so decided to nip over to our favourite Chinese Restaurant in Benimar for a meal. Now one of the reasons we like living here is because we can have a meal outside, just love “people watching” over a nice meal and a glass of wine. Nothing to whinge at there you’re thinking, well yes actually. New smoking laws have had a detrimental affect on el fresco dining. Of course you could always get some one at the next table smoking but with tables set pretty far apart not a problem. What is a pain now though are the smokers who choose to dine inside in the chill of the air-conditioning. No inside smoking of course so what to do? Simple nip outside between each course for a quick drag no problem. Not for them maybe but as they constantly hang around between the tables a real drag for us non smokers, Special thanks must go to the Brit guy who was a cigar smoker, Just had to get a blast of his noxious weed between every course, right next to our table. Got a feeling his taste buds are only slightly less then his brain cells. I mean what could he have tasted of the food after the amount of time he spent smoking.

No we are not finish yet. Strolled home on a still very warm night, big old moon. The bar in the square was very busy as it often is this time of year. Many Brit families now the school holidays have started. Can someone please tell us why so many parents, who would not let the kids out of sight back in UK, let there primary school age children run around the streets unsupervised? Last night a gang of same thought it would be a good idea to ring a few door bells, this was well after 11. Now we know that’s not late in Spain but tell that to our elderly Spanish neighbour living alone and all locked up for the night, or the guy who has to start work at 5 tomorrow to beat the heat of the day, thanks kids and parents one and all, another blow for the Brit reputation abroad.
And last but not least it is in fact Fiesta this week in Benijofar, it’s the fiesta season after all. What to complain about there you ask? Dare I say the now “traditional” disco with dance music, that’s played all night until 8 this morning and yes we could hear it in Formentera. Tonight we are off to the caves for a little music ourselves, local musicians and artists trying to keep the community there alive and vibrant. They are now only aloud to play from 10 to 12. Oh the irony of it all. Just love Spain. Ah that feels better.


Anonymous said...

hi john, i wouldnt call it a bit of a whinge. id call it a 24 carat moan.i came home at 3.30 this morning and it was still 24º, can i ask why are you wearing a jumper?
steve on the costa brava...good blog though !

John and Mary Middleton said...

;-) - Archive picture, see the weather diary on links it was 30º at 23:00 last night

Anonymous said...

Hi John
Seems the Guardia have closed down Telmicro. Big signs on office door saying they haven't paid taxes.