Saturday, July 19, 2008


With Dia still closed we are finding Inter Marche gets pretty busy these days we normally shop between the two but we do like the Bacon from Dia. Unlike some expats we do not buy “British” bacon, or sausages for that matter. We do like to have a cooked British style breakfast every now and then, not to often though have to watch the cholesterol levels. More often than not we have a typical Spanish breakfast and really enjoy it. Toasted bread, chopped fresh tomatoes, olive oil and fresh ground black pepper and our local sea salt of course. We add a bit of a twist with fresh basil, which we are never without, and crushed garlic in the oil. This is a popular thing to eat in the Valencian region, believe me when you have tomatoes ripened on the vine and good quality virgin olive oil it’s delicious. You can buy the tomatoes for under a euro a kilo at the moment. I know some people add the spicy Spanish sausage to make a really substantial meal, we just prefer the tomatoes. The popularity of this breakfast waned in the 1980s but go into most local bars mid morning and you will see it being consumed these days. Another naughty but nice breakfast is Churros, deep fried dough sticks eaten with thick melted chocolate. There a great place at the top of Guadarmar that sells this, you can always find a Churros and Chocolate vendor at every street market. You need to get in the queue early at Rojales market or you find the chocolate has run out, they serve them heavily coated with sugar when this happens. It’s a very very sweet treat and all in all we prefer the tomatoes, sitting out side surrounded by our plant pot garden it’s a great way to start the day

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