Monday, July 21, 2008

Bird Watching

We have enjoyed bird watching for a lot of years now and love a trip to La Mata when the weathers not to hot. Even sitting on the roof terrace in the evening gives us such good sightings of birds, bats too for that matter. We have been meaning to stop at the bird hide of the main road into Torrevieja for ages now and finally got around to it a couple of weeks ago. We have had sightings of Harriers and Terns in this area with of course the lovely pink flamingos.
One thing that worried us when we did pull in to access the viewing platform was the fact that the gate to the parking area was padlocked. This meant we could not turn around without a great deal of manoeuvring, well done to John for his excellent motoring skills.
However it looks like the poor access will not be the issue that prevents us from returning. A few days ago when we drove along that particular road we saw a “bird” of a different kind has taken occupation of the area, a dama de noche who does not restrict her activities to the night time but can be seen sitting under a brightly coloured parasol by the entrance to the hide. Eager clients, with less driving ability, or other things on their minds, do not seemed worried by having to back their cars out onto the main road. We wonder if the car park gates have been keep locked in an attempt to dissuade the area being used for the world’s oldest proffession.

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