Friday, March 02, 2012

Summers coming

With spring well on its way and summer just round the corner, we have friends and relatives asking us to recommend a place to stay, somewhere different, somewhere quiet, somewhere out in the country, is often the request, the problem is that we very rarely stay in self catering cottages as our getaway break is our chance to be waited on hand and foot with our breakfast and an evening meal, so we can only recommend what we have been told by other people is good.
This may well change though as we have been looking at taking a trip Andalucia where there are some beautiful rural retreats that would be nice to try out, the town of Iznajar near Antequera particularly caught our eye where there are some nice casetas for rent. Staying in this area would give us the opportunity to explore some of Spain that is new to us.
When we lived in the United Kingdom, school holidays were a problem as we always found that they were our busiest time for our work, so we used to take our daughter out of school for an “educational” holiday which did not always go down well with the head teacher, I understand things are a lot more rigid now so families with children have to stick to the school holidays, so if you choose a time for a holiday that is outside school holidays you can find some real bargain rates not only for accommodation but for travel.

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