Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Spanish ITV

Last week it was time for the Spanish equivalent of the MOT for the car, Known as the ITV the test is carried out at centres throughout Spain. Our nearest test centre is at Molina Del Segura, and though an appointment is recommended I had been assured that there was no need for one so hedging my bets I decided to arrive at just before opening time at 08.00 so as not to end up in a queue. When I arrived at 7.50 the gates were open so in I went and was at the front of the line. When the attendant arrived at the check in office she checked my Certificate of Matriculation and registration documents, charged me 49.80 euros, the set rate for a diesel car, and asked me to drive round to Lane 1 where a technician was waiting, you assist by turning on, lights, indicators,wipers etc, driving onto the brake test rollers and over the pit, where the joints and exhaust are inspected. after only 10 minutes all the tests were completed,  and i went to the office and collected my sticker for another years fitness for the car.
What a difference to having a MOT test in the UK!

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