Thursday, January 26, 2012


                                         FROM OUR TERRACE
 Do you ever find there seems to be a theme running through your day or week? You know you keep hearing the same song, reading or seeing something connected. If there's a theme running through this week it has to be "misty". To start with we heard the Johnny Mathis  1959 version of the song "Misty" on the radio the other day. Serves us right I suppose for having radio 2 on. Brought back a few memories for John of the days before he was a heavy metal fan. His first record player, some of you must remember what they are, Johns was a portable and modern enough to be electric! I remember the girl next door to my childhood home having a wind up one, OK so none of you remember those!!
Anyway from the mists of time so to speak came a memory of his mother bringing home a Regentone Record player, bought from a work colleague. The seller had included some records as well, one of which was the Johnny Mathis song. Oh the nostalgia of it all. Well we must have heard the same song a couple more times since. Enough misty for anyone you might well think and you'd be right, even though we find ourselves singing along.
The theme though continues because this morning we woke to find it was very very MISTY indeed. Cue the music and more memories of just such beginning of days in Cornwall and Scotland, only difference is by lunch time here we were sitting outside in the sun. Lovely.

one more thing, you know your getting old when you find your memories are museum pieces.

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