Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kelly put the Kettle on

                      The Kelly Kettle
In our house we are much divided, when it comes to radio stations that is. I am a radio 4 fan, have been for as long as I can remember. Radio 4 came along around the time I was 15 but I was listening to Aunty BBC long before. Listen with Mother began the year before I was born and I can recall sitting on the floor next to a huge "radiogram" enthralled, that was the beginning of my lifelong love of  talk radio. I was more than pleased to find that I could hear my favourite programmes via the PC here in Spain. John on the other hand is a music radio fan, radio one and the like. Which could make life difficult  if we let it. Since moving to Blanca we have access to all the radio stations you could want or need via the  satellite dish that came with the house. So what to do when we are both in the house and want a little radio. The answer comes in the shape of radio 2. Some talk some music. so thats what we "tune" in to as we used to put it.
We were both busy around the house the other day and being entertained by the afore mention radio 2 and a snippet of interesting information caught our attention. Someone mentioned a twig kettle, only in passing it was not the subject of the item. Intrigued I checked it out later  on the PC. Dont you just love modern technology.
Loads of info to be found. A twig kettle it appeared is a wonderful invention that allows you to boil water using very little fuel, a few twigs in fact. We found a manufacturer in Ireland. So the next day John order a "Kelly Kettle" . We did expect to wait a few weeks, I told you about the post here didn't I! Much to our surprise and delight the parcel arrived with in the week, wonder of wonders. Its is just brilliant, works a treat and as described on the box.
We have ours ready to go outside with a bag of twigs and pine- cones at the ready, it will be great for picnics or camping, in power cuts too. These kettles are also excellent in situations where there is fuel poverty or disasters have cut off power sources. You know there are some very clever people around aren't there.

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