Monday, April 25, 2011

One Big Step?

Didn't know whether to laugh or cry at an item in the Spanish news this week. What do you think? its seems a 25 year old spanish man took his parents to court to demand they pay him 400 euros a month and let him continue to live at home. Now I know its very very difficult for young people in Spain at the moment, due to unemployment, but I ask you what next. This young man is neither working or studying, apparently he is what is know as the youngest ni-ni, Youngest child I guess. Anyway there he was happily living in the family home, Madre y Padre forking out the payments on his car, but i guess he felt he needed some pocket money too.
The judge, in his wisdom?, has decreed that the poor little lad should leave his cozy nest in one month, however he had also decreed that the long suffering parents will give there little darling 200 euros a month for the next two years. It seem the judge thought the son was capable of finding a job, he has some knowledge of the stock market, but he also needed help making the transition to "emancipation." He didn't need I help taking his parents to court though did he!

Else where in Spain this week young people have been standing up to be counted. In the Spanish capital of Madrid they protested about the lack of future they face in Spain today because of high unemployment, job insecurity and government spending cuts. The number of unemployed in Spain, which has the highest jobless rate among developed countries, could reach a record of more than five million, the labour minister has warned.

In contrast there was also a story of British students flocking to Salou to drink themselves stupid, which leads me to the conclusion they will not have far to travel down that road.

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angel said...

Really fed up of young and older people expecting other people to get them out of debts, problems in life and money issues. I would never go to my parents or friends for hand outs. We have employees asking for credit, grown men, who spend money on restaurants, clock off the job exactly on the dot and then lament they have no money. The judge is a fool, the parents have raised someone to the age of 25 years and if he can't stand on his own two feet by then, then he has nobody to blame but his own sweet self.