Sunday, April 24, 2011

Does your Motorhome Czech out

I would guess a few people will be checking out there motor homes if they bought on the Costa Blanca within the last three years. The Guardia Civil, have revealed that staff from Alicante ITV vehicle testing stations have assisted in the selling of written-off motorhomes as new. This follows the arrest of 27 people. Twenty one of them are vehicle inspectors at the ITV stations.

The 33 Motorhomes were amongst more than 400 which had all been sent for scrap as unfit to be on the roads. They had all suffered serious damage in floods which happened in France in 2008. The Interior Ministry said on Wednesday that a Czech company which bought the vehicles, supposedly to break up for spare parts,instead repaired them and fitted them with new plates and vehicle identification numbers.

33 were sold on to an Alicante company for 9,000 € each and then theses were given false vehicle inspection . The vehicles, which posed a serious risk on the roads and for their occupants, were then sold as new, some 10,000 € below the market price.

The total amount defrauded is put at more than 1 million €.

No news on whether or not the buyers have all been informed but I am hoping it was a top priority to remove them from the roads.

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