Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Middletons Divorce.......

themselves from all the Royal wedding palaver that is. We shall not be watching listening or taking part in any way shape or form. Now we may share a name with the bride to be but that my friends is as far as it goes. And its not sour grapes because no invitation was forthcoming, any such missive would have gone the same way as the invitation I got to a royal garden party some years ago, in the basura that is. Never thought that was worth buying a hat for event either. Quiet honestly find it amazing that people here are holding "Royal Wedding" events, when someone said to me a few weeks ago that they would be at a local restaurant for the wedding I thought they must meant someone we knew and asked them who was getting married! Since then we have noticed an awful lot of bandwagon jumping going on from local businesses.

Now they may be a very nice young couple and there's no denying its nice to see people making a commitment. I am all for the institute of marriage, we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary only this month. However its the monarchy I object to, more especially the UK one. If you are going to set yourself up as being a cut above the hoi polloi then I say you must be like Caesars Wife, above suspicion that is. Well lets face it they can hardly boast to that after the last few years. I know some people say " well there only human" well that's my point I suppose, apart from having several very large homes and pots of money they are no different nor better than you or me, except perhaps they had some very pushy ancestors.

And before you play the "good for tourism" card re the royals I have to say this, if the UK spend all the money required to keep a monarchy, on decent roads, public transport, clean beaches and generally improving towns and cities the much needed overseas tourist trade would no doubt improve.

So while 2.8 million children in Britain today live in poverty (Joseph Roundtree Foundation ) it is estimated that between 20 and 80 million pound will be forked out by the British tax payer for this wedding. its a pity they did not listen Boris Johnsons the eccentric Mayor of London who has said "If they want a cut-price deal with a central London venue with a view of London landmarks, the ideal place would be City Hall. I'm not saying the wedding should be cut-price or bargain, but a cost-effective wedding in keeping with our cost-effective times." For once he was speaking sense.
So is it a case of "let them eat cake" I rather think so. To my way of thinking donating to a charity that fights child poverty in UK rather than celebrating the wedding of people you do not know and will never meet is a far better option.

So we will not be huddled around a large screen, moist eyed with fellow brits in some restaurant or bar that's for sure. In fact we will be with the Aussie branch of the family and friends from UK ( they are coming over for the weekend to avoid all the flimflam) I am sure we will enjoy a right royal knees up and judging by the weather now it might just be on the beach

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