Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time for the ITV test again

ITV station
Time for a ITV test again, this time for the Citreon Saxo, its always a bit nerve racking in case there is a major fault you don’t know about, anyway I did not bother making an appointment but went quite early, 64 euros fee - a bit more than for the Renault but this test will be valid for two years. The examiners speak very little English and start the test by checking all the lights and wipers with the owner turning them on and off as requested, (if you know what they are asking for)
It only takes about 15 minutes for the examination, much of it is computerised. Exhaust emissions and brake diagnostics for example. Rust is not a problem here as it is on vehicles in the UK and the main focus is on the mechanics.
Anyway the car did not pass because the airbag warning light was showing on the dashboard, I have always thought it was a faulty connection so did not bother about it but it is enough to fail the test, on the way home I stopped at the mechanics at Benimar, and they set about fixing it straight away, plugged the car into the computer and the fault showed as a loose connection which they fixed for a mere €40. I have been told if you don’t return the same day you have to pay again for the test, i was not going to risk it so returned to the ITV testing station at Torrevieja where they checked it had been repaired and gave me a pass certificate for the car. Well, I am 100 euros lighter in the pocket, but at least I know the car is road legal.

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Gloria said...

Like you, I find repairs or servicing to my vehicle in Spain miles cheaper than in the UK.

Liking your postings . . would like to follow but can't see where!