Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Gran Fiesta de la espuma

Foam party
Foamy John
Talk about a party(Gran Fiesta)week, not content with filling everyone up with sardines the council but on a party in the church square later the same day. No ordinary party either, a mobil disco provided the music and a special machine covered the square with foam(la espuma), and I do mean cover. People almost disappeared in the depth of the stuff a guy was on hand to hose down anyone in danger of doing so. Now there was a man who was enjoying his work. Once again a fun event with no one causing problem and everyone just having good clean fun if you'll pardon the pun. Cannot imagine either this event or the sardine lunch would have happened in UK, Health and safely may not have been top of the list but as far as we could see no one was hurt and their has not been a hugh wave of food poisoning around the town. One added bonus the main town square has not looked so clean for a long


James Haskell said...

That looks like fun. I might have to make a trip there next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi,i think its wonderfull to life in Spain ,i like it also ,big kiss from raining Belgium

kurnosem said...

Menudas fiestas te das!!!