Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Day Another Dog

Having a bath
and what a lovely wee chap he is.A Shi Tsu crossed with a Highland Terrier he is a handsome fellow and such a fun little dog with very endearing habits. The vet thinks he's around 10 months old and he is in very good health too. We are of course fostering him for K9 so if you know anyone who wants this lovely dog do get in touch. He is house trained have no bad habits as far as we can see unless you count stealing hearts!
We are often asked how we can bear to part with the dogs we foster and it is not easy as you can imagine however we always know they are going to a good home and will be well loved. You need to have a particular mind set to foster I think. What we say is its the same as looking after a friends pet you know you will be handing them back at some point, they are just on visit as it were. Its true that some of the dogs we have require that extra bit of TLC but what a reward you get for this as you see them begin to trust humans interact and enjoy their little lives.
Skipper who's with us now had a shower to day so he's looking extremely attractive though he's not quite sure about the tea tree and lavender aroma that's following him around.

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