Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring is busting out all over

Another very hot day here with everything bursting into life. Had a walk past the Royal Thai Gardens, which is now open a little earlier than they had advertised. We often take this little stroll through the campo, the foster dogs all seem to enjoy it. We do to, the sweet peas that grow every year on the first couple of garden fences are fabulous, today you could smell the perfume warmed by the hot sun, for yards before you got to them, also some stock and antirrhinums in flower, not to mention the odd one or two mesembryanthemum.
Our spring bulbs are struggling to put on a show and Lil around the corner has an aloe vera shooting out two flowers. A big new water reservoir, no not like the Hoover dam, the sort the local farmers have, has been built near the old ruined finca down the road, it would be wonderful if someone restored that place. Oranges are still fall ripe to the ground, I hear there was a protest by local growers, how very french! Seems they are not happy about imports from Morocco The sounds of a somewhat badly organized band drifted across the field to greet us. Some musical practice at the school we think, getting ready for Santa Semana no doubt.
Worst times on the economic front here for 50 years but mother nature is doing her best to cheer us up. "If there's a bustle in the hedgerow don't be alarmed now its just a spring clean for the May queen" (and yeah I know the original was sprinkling for any Led Zep fans)

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