Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back home

Really pleased to be back home in Spain after a couple of weeks away dealing with family stuff. Got caught in a hail storm there so the sun today is a welcome sight! What a lovely surprise I got at home too last night, Joaquin had painted all the balustrades while I was away and more than that he did the spiral stairs too. I have been promising to get around too them for the last three years. Of course this is the time of year the outside painting gets done here. Not to hot, not much chance of rain. You quite often see the women doing the painting too, so aren't I lucky our daughter fell in love with a painter, he does tiling and woodwork to so maybe I should drop a few hints about my summer kitchen. We have one planned on the roof so not only will we be sleeping up there we will cook up there too. It really makes sense as cooking inside in summer does warm up the flat. Most spanish housewife's cook outside in the hot weather. We just rescued a huge olive wood table so can you picture us sitting around that on balmy summer evenings eating paella. Which takes me back to thoughts of UK. these days I really feel shut in when I go back. We are so used to the doors being open and eating outside. Of course the pool is still looking fit for ducks only but its still a great life. Oh one more thing when I landed at Alicante we came out at the far end where the easy jet check ins are very quick but you need to let your lift know or it´s a long walk to the car park.


jo said...

That happened to us at Alicante last summer and so we had a long walk to the hire car desk.

Bigastroandbeyond said...

I've just found your blog via Jo's. We live in Bigastro just down the road from you and have friends who own a flat at Formentera so we know the place quite well. Small world!

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