Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let your Conscience be your guide........

The British Government estimates that 93 million pounds were defrauded by benefit thieves going abroad in 2007/2008. With this in mind they have set up a new hot line for the reporting of benefit fraud. The Fraud hotline has been opened in Spain on 900 554 440 where calls are free and confidential. As there has now been a ruling that some people had benefits removed illegally I would think the UK government is working extra hard to ensure the money they do pay out goes to those who should get it. I wonder if these cheats ever think about the fact those who really need help are less likely to get as much as they require because of the amount being stolen from the system. When they are sitting in the sun living the good life do they give a thought to some poor soul who is afraid to switch on the heating or dreads another bill arriving, who's every trip to the supermarket is a penny counting nightmare. Fact is they are not robbing the government they are robbing old people, young families, the disabled. Of course there are expats here who get UK benefits that they are entitled to and quite right too but I think we all know someone who nips off to UK on a regular basis to keep the "claim" active. My hope is there conscience will get to them before the now longer arm of the law. That's me, travelling in hope rather than arriving in disappointment I fear.

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