Friday, December 05, 2008

Up Dates

Tree Trimming: nice job now done on the swimming pool square in Los Palacios. Bunch of workman spent yesterday tidying around the pool to so its all looking pretty neat and tidy.
Rocky the rescue dog: Is growing into a lovely young dog. Always looks like he's smiling with that great big wirehair terrier mouth. Very well behaved around the table at meal times. Of course one look at my mate Lil and hes as mad as her dog Jack.
Jumping Jack: Comes to visit now and then, Stands at the gate at the foot of our stairs barking like the loony he he is. Our cat Suzi is not impressed.
Suzi the "I'm a celebrity get out of here" cat: Who will not share her home with any other animal. We have to pop her into the bedroom when Rocky calls. Not that she minds that shes a lazy moo, loves nothing better than to lie around on the bed.Last night I could not get off to sleep so you'll never guess what I caught her doing. I always take a drink of water into the bedroom last thing. I have so many books etc. on the bedside table I stand the glass on the floor, easier to reach in the night to. Last night I was reading pretty late on and Suzi the cheeky minx strolled in and proceeded to drink from my glass! Oh yuck! how often has she done this, will now take water in a bottle. She does have a bowl of water in the living room by the way, go figure?
San Fulgencia: Your guess is a good as mine, local accused politician did suggest La Marina become a separate town though,presumably with himself as Mayor.
Petrol: Wow price yesterday was 84.7 cents a litre at Eroski. great. Topped up the car for 14 euros.
Brit TV:Lots of solutions but it seems to me the best one is a 1.9 metre dish and free sat box. No ongoing payments no chance of a switch off. With other solutions there do seem to be some very dodgy and unreliable suppliers around. Handle with care!
Lost and Found You will recall our surpirse and delight at the rteturn of my lost phone well it sems that such honesty is more the norm here. My mate Lil has just had a pair of new shoes she left on the bus returned by the driver. Whats more another driver has returned her shopping trolley left on another Bus a while ago. I know we're not letting her on the bus without supervision agian, we're afraid we might lose her!
Water: well we've had a bit more rain, makes everything nice and green. Still WE LIVE IN A DESERT. Please take care do not waste water, ditch the hose don't run water into the ditch. Save two precious resources, water and money.

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