Saturday, December 06, 2008

Red Sky at Night

We have had some more than spectacular skies recently. The sun setting over the Vega Baja is pretty much what sold us on our apartment and it still gives us a lot of pleasure to stand on the solarium and watch the wonderful changing colours at close of day. This week we also has a special treat with a startling display of the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter and Venus. So special was it we rang daughter Bec and Joaquin to ensure they did not miss it. They said it was an amazing sight from their roof top to, in fact they got pretty cold up there as they watched for so long. Check out the BBC site to get an idea of what I mean
Last night was more than a red sky at night , well words fail me and that's a first. True to the old saying that red sky has been a Shepherd's delight today. It has been dry hot and bright with temperatures in the 20s this afternoon. Ah now you know why we are here, is this really December.

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