Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Personality of the Month

Thought it might be a good idea to introduce you to a few of the neighbours. Of course first on the list has to our mate Lil accompanied here by the loopy Jack, also know as jumping jack flash.
Lil is an avid motorbike enthusiast, well know for her love, no make that obsession, with the colour pink. This lady has even been know to colour her hair pink, and very good it looks.
As president of her community, that lot across the street from us, she is a busy lady. Just recently she has also been responsible for starting a bread making craze which has us all piling on the pounds. A committed shopper with an endless capacity for a nice cuppa tea she makes a mean meat amd potato pie.
Whats she doing in Spain? She bought her appartment having only viewed it on line by the way. Well she's here taking a well earned rest from bringing up her large family, running youth clubs, taking care of lots of lucky kids as a childminder/foster Parent and generally running around doing some good whenever and wherever she could.
Always fun to be around Lil is our first and well deserved " personality of the Month"

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Anonymous said...

After knowing lil all of my life you have up summed her up pretty well. you might also want to add her nickname is also whirlwind! and grotbags from the kids although she doesnt resemble grotbags anymore. but we all love her just the same and it seems that her personality has shone through to you all over there.