Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lifes a beach

We had things to take to the SAT charity shop yesterday so we decided to take a stroll along the beach to. A very hot day and the beach was packed. Lots of Madrilènas like to spend a few weeks by the sea and what better place then Guardamar. Its good for the charity shop too and they spend money there. Any way the beach seemed even fuller today as the tide was quite a way in, there is not a lot of tidal difference in the Meditteranean so it’s always a surprise to find it so high up the beach. It’s a strange thing but I have always had a vision of elephants walking through the sea on this beach, Seems I am not as mad as my family think, it appears that this might just be one of my psychic moments as Hannibal was known to have been in the area on route to the alps. Spooky eh?

Back to reality folks. The sea was quite rough so we opted for a dip in the municipal pool. The Guardamar pool is getting on a bit but still a nice place to spend time. Good changing rooms with showers. Lots of grass and shade, three pools and the main one is deep. The café is now open, serving meals too, Menu del Dia perhaps a little expensive at 12 euros but I dare say the new proprietors have had to lay out a mucho dinaro to get it up and running again. I noticed some people had taken picnics for the family. It is great to see such free facilities for locals to use; it certainly keeps the young people occupied and getting some exercise.
All in all with the wonderful beach the reserve, the parks the pool and the sports courts it’s a great place to live or visit.

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