Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Feel The Chill

Have you got a Bank account in Spain? I can hear a resounding yes from residents and non residents alike. Well be warned, you must have attached to that account either your residencia number or if you do not live here a non residents certificate (un certificado de no residencia).
Due to an EU ruling on tax evasion measures the Spanish Tax authorities are now taking action to freeze bank accounts without the appropriate paper work. They will place an EMBARGO on such accounts. What this means is no money can be removed from the account. It is likely that the first you would know about this is when your utilities are turned off because standing orders are not paid. It seems that there are so many of these “illegal” accounts that the Tax people feel it is not possible to inform the account holders when action is taken.
British citizens affected by the new regulations seem be to those who live in Spain for less than 180 days and who have not declared their ‘non residence’ with the National Police.
It also seems that the Government is using the legislation as a way to clamp down on illegal immigrants.
It has also been reported that hundreds of Moroccans have been hit by the embargoes and thousands of non-resident workers from North Africa have been drawing money out of banks because they fear their accounts will be blocked.
Embargos are lifted when the paperwork is in place.
Advice given in the English language press is to go to your Town Hall and ask where you can get a non resident certificate if you need one.
More money info: The Suma bills for you local council services are out now for this year. Paying on due dates can save you money.

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