Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bumper to Bumper

As ever last Sunday night saw a big influx of clubbers, most of which arrive by car. It has been quiet for a few weeks as the place to be was wherever a fiesta was happening, but this Sunday it was back to Formentera and its assorted disco bars.
Sitting out enjoying another barmy evening is always entertaining on a busy night. Why is that you might ask, quite simply it is the parking methods these drivers employ.
Now we have a 21 year old car, went through its last ITV (Spanish MOT) no problem, cost 400 euros three years ago, and worth every penny. Some of our neighbours are more up market in the car stakes but we are by no means green eyed with envy. We see some of them nervously hanging over their balustrades come evening, even going out into the street at times. They are playing the mind my car game, which is less interesting to our mind than the find a car with out a dent game.
It seems to us that the norm on parking is find a space, and if its to small nudge the cars at front and rear till you fit in. No honestly, we see it happen all the time. In the space of 5 minutes last Sunday two people got their car dented. Which is why we have, as I said, a 21 year old 400 euro car that’s always parked with the hand brake off. Moral of the story is if you’re coming over and hiring a car pay the extra insurance, you could park a few streets away but I have a strong feeling this particular style of parking is not confined to the disco drivers of this world. Or you could if you have the time and inclination stand guard when the threat is greatest. Didn’t do the guy over the road any good on Sunday, his car got the bump, bump treatment and when challenged the offender just shrugged his shoulders and left.

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