Sunday, April 01, 2012

Information Technology

Its over a decade since I started to use a PC. I had resisted the technology, luddite by nature in true Leicestershire tradition. The need to get to grips with the the workings of the "machine" became unavoidable when I started a Social Science degree course. Not only did I need to submit word processed work there was also research to be done and the modular entitled computer applications for the social sciences to be passed. It was a painful process and the most useful thing that was said to me re this learning process was that not to worry I would not break the PC if I made mistakes. Its true that the technology has been put to dark purposes by stupid and evil people in the world and we have to hope that the efforts to prevent criminal activities will continue and succeed. Also that those who spend their time causing problems for other users will either be caught or cease there mindless behavior. I have to wonder  what sort of person spends time creating something that is solely aimed at causing a total stranger inconvenience.

 In the main though using the WWW has had so many benefits for all the family. We can book, buy, research. We get almost instant answers to queries that pop up on a daily basis. These range from who's that actor and what else have they been in through recipe ideas, practical advice from building to bee stings. In fact the PC helps us remain curious about life, an essential factor in enriching the process of living. We have found Jobs and homes through this media too. There is also the communication factor. This Blog is one example, enabling us to share our lives with people from many countries as well as our own family and friends. Used properly the WWW is a marvelous tool that helps break down barriers between peoples of different countries, as we tell each other about our interests our communities, share views on life. True there is a lot of rubbish on the web but its like any other medium its up to the individual to sort the wheat from the chaff.

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