Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cream scones, Friends and a lion

We are very busy at the moment what with one thing and another, thought it was nice to snatch a break on Sunday and have a real afternoon tea with the family plus a walk around the campo. Lots of naughty things for tea, scones, cream and Jam, citrus cheese cake, though I made it with Quark so not so naughty. Of course we had to have egg mayonnaise sandwiches which we all love and home made lemonade very tangy and refreshing.
This week we are moving a lot of things which we have bought from friends who are selling up, loads of things that are very very useful for our building project on the campo plot. Sad to see some one going but everyone has to do whats best for themselves after all. We only meet them since moving to Blanca but we soon became firm friends. When we first met I recognised there accent as they come from our home town, This meant we had lots in common a  shared history so to speak. It also means if we are back in UK we will be able to catch up, they have a house very near my sisters place as it happens.
One thing that will not be going to the campo is a fabulous statue of a lion that we have also been given. It is now standing by the lemon tree, wonder what Suzi the cat will make of that!

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