Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Giant oven and mossy slayers

The giant oven works really well, Mary cooked a chicken, joint of pork and bread and it cooked them all beautifully.the wasps were not too happy though they had made a nest in the roof of the oven and when it got hot, had to make a quick exit,they were still looking to get back in the roof the next day. We have cleared the area now for the swimming pool to be constructed and it is due to be started in the next few days, the sooner the better as it is extremely hot now and a dip would be most welcome. relocating the 2 meter satellite dish was essential as it was in the middle of the garden so Joaquin and i built a tower on the end of the buildings and installed it on top of that.
As always in the the country there are loads of insects and many mosquitos so last night we plugged the electric mosquito slayers in under the gazebo.
sparks really flew, we could not believe the amount they annihallated over night, the sooner we get rid of the mosquito population the better.


Debbie said...

sounds like all is going ell there and you are getting all the hard work out of the way while having fun too our love to you both debbie and steve

John and Mary Middleton said...

Thanks Debbie and Steve, yes theres plenty to do, and we are loving every minute of it.
Its 34 degrees in the shade today
love J and M

Tumbit said...

Electric Mozzie slayer that works ? Lucky you ! - We haven't found one quite yet and are still at the stage of trying to encourage our resident Gekko population to eat all the Mozzies. You will have to spill the beans on the make & model.

Anonymous said...