Friday, June 17, 2011

A Chinese meal

We decided to treat ourselves to a chinese meal last night,our first choice of restaurant, was at Abaran, we got there around 7:00 but the place was closed so carried on to Cieza to find one there, the fist one we went into only did the menu del dia at lunchtime and the menu for 4 (Bec and Joachim were with us) was not impressive at 38 euros, a little further down the road we found another with the Menu for four at just under 30 euros ,excluding drinks--not what we were used too in Guardamar!
The salad was alright, but the rest of the meal was terrible,tasteless and hardly warm, we were the only people in the restaurant and the waiter went and sat at another table to eat his own food half way through our meal.,soooo.... we shant be going there again.
On the way home we noticed the place in Abaran was open they obviously dont open untill around 8 oclock. so will check it out before we go for a meal.


Al said...

problem is spanish chinese restaurants dont use the right ingredients so generally rubbish. I cook my own

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say chinese restaurants in spain are "generally rubbish".

Al said...

I didn't actually say all Chinese restaurants in Spain are rubbish, but certainly the ones I have been to are.