Monday, February 14, 2011

Ryanair Mutiny

Trouble started on a the tarmac of a Ryanair flight due to fly to Belgium from Lanzarote, when Ryanair staff attempted to charge a passenger for excess baggage, most of the rest of the passengers joined with the protest. and the pilot through the control tower called for police assistance, 104 passengers were removed from the plane and not allowed to reboard, only 64 passengers continued with the flight to Charleroi in Belgium. The passengers left behind had to find different carriers or other forms of transport.
Flying with Ryanair is a bit of a challenge, If you dont have a computer printer handy or know someone who does it will cost you another 40 pounds, if you cant print your own boarding card. unless your hand baggage is in a regulation size case there is every chance you will be charged extra for it, you do really have to have an interpreter to understand cabin crew instructions, and the 3 pound a cup of coffee tastes terrible, but we all still fly with Ryanair because even after the hidden addons when purchasing a ticket, it works generally out cheaper, - that is as long as you dont break the rules, Starting or joining a mutiny might give some satisfaction but in the end more expense and inconvenience. In my opinion the only answer is pay a few more euros or pounds and fly with another carrier, if a good proportion of people did this for long enough, Ryanair would have to do something about there appalling customer service/relationship.

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