Sunday, December 12, 2010

Facts about the Pomegranate

Around the campo we quite often see pomegranate trees. the pomegranate is an ancient fruit that was mentioned in iron age greek mythology, it is actually native to Persia and the Western Himalayas, but has been cultivated in the southern meditteranean countries for thousands of years. Granada was renamed after the fruit by the Moors, and Spanish colonists introduced the fruit to the Caribbean and latin America, the syrup Grenadine, used in cocktail drinks is thickened and sweetened pomegranate juice. The medicinal qualities of the flower juice, rind and tree bark can be used for nose bleeds, toning skin, sagging breasts and hemorrhoids, and can be used as eye drops to slow the development of cataracts. The juice of the pomegranate reduces heart disease, blood pressure and viral infections, and clinical trials are in progress for the effect on various cancers and kidney disorders
Pomegranate juice is also used as a natural dye on non synthetic fibres,
And every pomegranate has exactly 840 seeds.
If you dont believe me count them.

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