Saturday, December 11, 2010

El Gordo time again

Are you buying an El Gordo ticket this year? for a chance of a share of 3 billion euros, each number ticket is divided into 10 decimos (a tenth) a ticket costs 200 euros so a decimo costs you 20 euros, if you buy from a bar or somewhere like that it might cost you 23 Euros because 3 euros that goes to a charity.
Many people search around to find lucky numbers - numbers with 777 in them are popular - so hard to find, but because there are around 180 series of tickets of 85000 numbers, with patience you can find your lucky numbers.
Bars, restaurants and workplaces buy one or more decimos and sell it off in parts to customers, friends and colleagues, so if there is a big win a whole community can be celebrating, and be seen dancing, hugging and drinking cava on the TV on the 22nd of December - the El Gordo Draw date.
Unfortunately there are many internet scams where you will get an email to say you are a winner and to send personal details, so remember the bottom line is that if you didn’t buy a lottery ticket, then you have not won, so don't fall for anything without checking at the official organisation in Spain.
Good luck everyone

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