Saturday, March 06, 2010

Geraldton to Monkey Mia

An early start from Perth to miss the traffic, we arrived at the Pinnacles national park mid morning it was very hot - around 40 degrees but we had a walk through the pinnacle rocks which are really weird then carried on up the coast to Geraldton, really nice Bed and breakfast ,as soon as we arrived we were invited to use the pool,which is set in a garden full of trees and plants, then we explored the town.
Shark bay and Monkey Mia
we stopped at several places on the way to shark bay, Shell beach where the beach is completely made up of tiny shells which are said to be 10 metres deep in places and the sea is a fantastic turquoise blue, The stromatolites, the living rock that produces the atmosphere we live in. these rock formations are under the sea and we were the only people on the jetty where you can see them.
On the walk to the jetty is a shell quarry where blocks of consolidated shells were cut to build with, the place we stayed in Denham was built with these blocks. We stayed at the Shark Bay Hotel Motel the most Westerly Hotel in Australia,but that is ALL you cou say about it,
Following morning we had an early drive over to Monkey Mia , where the dolphins were waiting to say hello to us, there were about a dozen around at one time and another and several very young ones,who amused us with there antics, again it was very hot, while snorkelling off the beach i saw a sea snake around 5 foot long, luckily it was swimming away from after lunch set off on a Catamaran to spot some more marine life, the boat was around 60 foot and with only 14 people on board we had the run of the ship, one of the main things we wanted to see were Dugongs (sea cows) before long we had seen turtles, shark, rays, and eventually a dugong which we followed for around 15 minutes, another really hot day, with loads of sunscreen to stop getting burnt.

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