Sunday, March 07, 2010

Coral reef and Spangled Emperor

Mary with Spnagled Emperor
termite nests

A long drive today along very straight roads,with very little traffic, the occasional road train, emus, hundreds of goats and loads of road kill, from which the Wedge tail eagles have a free feast, In the terrain alongside the road are hundreds of Termite nests up to 8 foot high.
We arrive at our chalet, to a mother and baby emu greeting us, following day went up the coast dropping in at beaches and bays arriving at the end of the sealed road at Yardie creek where we had a walk along the gorge spot ting the black footed wallabies.
The beaches are amazing with coral reef sometimes no more than three metres from the shore with an amazing variety of fish.
A lot of holiday makers bring there own boats,for fishing and our neighbours asked us if we would like a fish for supper, next day we were presented with a 10 pound Spangled Emperor,which we barbequed ,twas very tasty.

Exmouth was the furthest North, so we set off back south, after we left Shark Bay we had heard the road between Kalbarri and shark bay had been closed with Bush fires ,but we hear it was opened again, the snorkelling at Coral bay is fantastic, i find myself surrounded by purple fish around 2 foot long—guess what? they are Spangled Emperor come to get there own back! Later a family were feeding them fish guts and they were jumping out of the water
Our accomodation is around 5 kms from the town near to the Carnarvon 1 mile jetty, apparently a steam train (called the coffee pot) runs down the jetty in holiday season, we walked down it and it was very wobbly and so i would not like to do it on a train, even though it is made of Jarrah wood.

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Beck Middleton said...

That fish is ace, Joaquin thought Mum caught it!!