Friday, October 09, 2009

My Sand Castles Bigger Than Yours!

Tidied up

A nice day off in Guardamar mid week. Lovely weather it’s still very hot for the time of year. Started off with an early morning swim in the sea then walked up to the town for a coffee and tostada with olive oil and tomatoes. We went to the lovely new place called Dia Y Noche around the corner from the Ayuntamiento on the road down to the beach. We had strolled along the prom on the way and were well impressed. Hats off to the local council for organising the repair work to the beach so quickly. All Gota Fria damage is well on its way to being sorted. Though the presence of rather large jelly fish in the water may well mean I do not take another early morning dip for a while, John got tangled with a beast of one, but is not suffering any ill effects, don't know how the jelly fish is faring though. Still a surprising number of people on the beach these days, but there are three local or national holidays in less than a week and it appears this is when a lot of people come down from Madrid to close up their holiday homes for the winter. It fascinates us the way many of them wrap all the railings in plastic sheeting for the colder months.
We were even treated to a bit of music from the local Marching Band, it been fiesta all over the region for the last two weeks. Lots going on in Rojales and Guardamar for the Fiestas Virgen Del Rosario (Mary Mother of Jesus) who is the patron saint of Rojales.
One little touch of genuine humanity I had to mention: as many of you know a number of local people try to make a living with their well constructed sand sculptures during the holiday season. When the gota fria hit the remaining sculptures were ruined. Some of the artists still had belongings on the beach, It was good to see there things had been neatly placed in a safe place by the council workers so that they could be collected by their owners.

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