Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Look Out Look Out

big cat
Just in case this particular lady decides to take a holiday on the costa!
At present, up in the Tarragona area and spotted by several groups of people up there.
Right now search is underway for, wait for it, its true cos I read it in the paper, a lioness. The lady in question is thought to have escaped from a circus and has been sighted across the provinces of Tarragona, Teruel and Castellón.

A group of young locals who were out jogging close to La Sénia saw the animal on Saturday and raised the alarm, me I would have run like hell and hid! its believed the animal is running wild in the Ports de Besseit area, between the three provinces. More people saw the lioness on Sunday and again on Monday.

The environmental section of the Civil Guard, Seprona, is recommending trippers to stay away from the area as the search continues.

The regional police, Los Mossos d’Esquadra, local police and rural agents are all taking part in the search.
Serously though lets hope the poor animal is captured alive and well, maybe I should talk to Brenda from K9 about this?


Anonymous said...

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beck said...

it said on the news last night that it was just a big dog

John and Mary Middleton said...

I know and sadly the dog was shot. How do you mistake a dog for a Lion?