Monday, October 20, 2008

On The Telly in Spain

Me and my mate lil (also known as lily the pink) had a fun time making our TV debut here in Spain. “The Life” programme on Television Vega Baja is in its infancy and its good to be involved in what we hope will be a big success. We also hope as time goes by it will be extended to more than an hour a day.
We were on the programme talking about living here, looking at the news and commenting on it. We were very glad to find we were to share the platform with a professional actor, Nick Moore, who teaches English in Orihuela. We were interested to here about the Networks Theatre productions in which he is involved. You can find out all about them at I recommend you take a look they have some wonderful productions coming up.
As I have said it was really fun to take part and we did get asked back so we must not have disgraced ourselves. I do hope more and more English speakers will contact Yolanda who presents the Life programme and offer to appear, the more input there is the better the programme will be.

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