Monday, October 13, 2008

English speaking slot on Tvb

Every weekday at 12:00 on the Tvb Television channel, there is a new one hour television programme where guests are invited to give there news, views and opinions on current events and inform the viewers of future events. The programme called "Life" started on October 5th and is hosted by Yolanda Juárez. There is also a slot during the show, with news, weather and local events. Viewers are invited to phone in or email any comments and suggestions live on the show on telephone 966736871 or Local English speakers are invited to go to the studio to take part, Telephone Yolander and she will be pleased to hear from you.


SewSew said...

Seems a good programme in its' infancy. I would like to be informed IN ADVANCE of cultural events that are being staged, not hear about things that have already happened or, even worse, that started today!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Nick Moore here I was on the programme with Mary and Lillian yesterday. In response to Sally R, it's actually a very Spanish thing to not advertise in advance. But if you really want things to change then email the TV station at . I'm sure they would love to hear from you!

Anyone wishing to join our theatre mailing list via email can add your address at We'll email you with advance notice of our forthcoming shows. REMEMBRANCE 11 AND 12 NOVEMBER, and DICK WHITTINGTON - a pantomime 27 28 and 29 NOVEMBER.

Many thanks Nick

Anonymous said...

yeah seem like good program