Thursday, June 19, 2008

Guardamar bonfires 2008

Some Guardamar bonfire events

Friday 20th June 20:30 Parades through the town, the "party zone" is opened and the Bonfire Beauty of 2008 is presented to the public, Open air dancing
Saturday 21st June, 20:30 Parade through the town, by the El Milotxes Group accompanied by the Cascabot traditional musicians.
Sunday 22ndJune, 17:00-19:00 Childrens activities and games in the party zone, 23:00 Entertainment by band Filiu
Monday 23rd June, 11:00 kite making workshop,18:00 Kite competition at Playa centro. 23:00 fire jumping, singing and dancing. 24:00 Fireworks display. followed by disco and dancing on the beach.
Tuesday 24th June, 20:00 Mass in honour of St John in the towns parish church, 21:00 Parades through the town. 01:00(Weds)The bonfire is lit.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John glad you had a good time in Aus.

Ever thought about starting a website about Formentera? or is that costly ?

Been reading your blog for ages, great and very informative.

I go on loads of forums and have seen your blog linked quite a few times.