Sunday, June 22, 2008

From the sublime to the ridiculous

Formentera Ayuntamiento does a good job on using their budget to make the town look good. Both town pools are kept in excellent condition now. One area that really benefits from the efforts of the council is the walk along side of the river. Wonderful flowers beds full of roses and herbs sit around mature palms and Banana trees. We always enjoy a walk along to the far end of the town in the cooler air of a summer evening. It’s nice then to have a quite drink in the church square, much frequented by local residents. Last night when we did this we took our usual route back along the main road; we were amused and amazed too see a new street name as we came up to the industrial park. What appears to little more than a grassy track has been given the illustrious name of Calle Leonardo de Vinci. Is the artist turning in his grave I wonder?

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